Chapter 49- Evolution of the Nerds

As recent as 20 years ago, the term “nerd”, referred to guys who were socially awkward and got bullied in high school due to their fragile physique and multiple allergies. They probably also spent way too much time in their parent’s basement playing on something called a “desktop computer”.

Noaways, the label “nerd” no longer has the negative connotations as before. Thanks to the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg and that “ hot nerd” from Havard who’s dating a supermodel.


After a long debate with J, he said that it’s not that nerds have become cool. It’s just that these days, thanks to the shift to technology, nerds are now the ones who acquire the money, power and status. Which were the same desirable qualities women always looked for in a mate.

Therefore, “nerds” now refer to guys who are smart and have varied interests that spans beyond beer and football. They are also no longer skinny due to their involvement in weekly groups such as “Bike for your children’s Future.”

Which is why when I started dating my nerd, I also started to “develop” hobbies beyond beer and football Netflix.

One time I went with him to a workshop called “Bar Camp”. Except it had nothing to do with Long Iced Island Ice Teas and more to do with Technology, Entrepreneurship and Design(I was tricked!!!) . And instead of spending Friday nights getting trashed on fake Tequila, I was now spending it with Johan at board game cafes or Poetry Nights.

Ok I’m just kidding, I would never voluntarily listen to poetry.

For Thanksgiving, our friend Frances organized a board game night at her place with her fellow geek chic friends.


And that’s when I first met Joshua.

Joshua was the ultimate nerd, and I mean that in the most flattering way possible. He was involved in all the aforementioned things. He went to one of those brand name American colleges that are the wet dreams of Asian parents, and now work for a technology startup in Shanghai.

Johan and I attended Bar Camp.

Joshua organized Bar Camp.

Before the board game night, all the guests were part of a Wechat group. So I have technically talked to Joshua before actually meeting him. My online persona replicates my real life personality magnified by 110%. I held nothing back and made my usual jokes that offended a few but delighted most.

Joshua was one of the people that found my jokes more funny than foul.

So when he met me in person, he was like an excited fanboy. Ok I exaggerate, but he did say  “You’re the Kathy?!?!? The one that says all that shit online?”. He said that in the most flattering way possible. Given my loud sense of humor, I don’t think he expected me to be a tiny little Asian lady.

I thought he just was being friendly that night. However, Johan with his keen sense of observation, thought Joshua paid way too much attention to me for it to be platonic..

“Nah, he probably just thinks I’m funny. Like a monkey.” I rebuffed his suggestion later. Mostly because I didn’t want to be like Helen and assume every guy is interested in me.

Speaking of Helen, she had her eye on Joshua from the moment she met him.

“Sis! Find out if Joshua is single!” She pulled me aside during board game night “I want a nerd boyfriend too!”

By then, I had told her I was dating Johan.


The next time I saw Joshua was when Julien organized for us to see “Gravity” in theatres.

Johan came as well, and the two of us were acting more coupley than before. Ie. Once the movie started, we held hands in the dark.

After 3 hours and way too much Sandra Bullock (Even though I’m a huge fan of hers), we all came out of the theatre complaining.

“Oh my God, that was the most ridiculous movie ever!” Julien’s British accent seemed a lot more prominent when he complained.

“I know, I expected better from a guy who directed the forth Harry Potter movie.” I shook my head.

Johan and Julien saw bubble tea at the food stands, and decided to get some. I turned it down because I was still full from dinner.


“I think it was the third Harry Potter movie.” Joshua commented once we were alone.

“What?” I said distracted, regretting my decision not to have bubble tea.

“Alfonso Cuaron directed the Prizoner of Azkaban. The third Harry Potter movie” He repeated.

“Hmm…I’m pretty sure it was the fourth, The Goblet of Fire.” I said, confident of my Harry Potter knowledge if nothing else.

“Wanna bet?” He smiled mischievously.

“Ok!” I do love low-risk gambling.  “Wait. What are we betting?”

Joshua thought about it for a few seconds, then said “Dinner.”

“Dinner?” I repeated.

“Yeah, loser buys dinner.” He explained.

“Um…ok. I guess.” I said hesitantly, unsure what I just agreed to.

Johan and Julien joined us again with bubble teas in hand.

“Hey, what did we miss?” Johan asked.

“Nothing much.” I answered quickly.

However, as we walked out of the theatre, I wondered to myself:

Did Joshua just ask me out?


19 thoughts on “Chapter 49- Evolution of the Nerds

  1. I wish I would have known how the nerds in high school were going to be the successful ones…I bet they wish it too….they spent their whole highschool wishing they could be the “football star” and now they are the stars!

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