Chapter 17- Fat kid at a candy store


A candy store of men that is…

I’ve said before that I’m a late bloomer, and didn’t discover boys until…um 21? Besides my ex, I’ve only “dated” a few other guys I’ve met on OkCupid. One guy wanted a “roll in the hay”, another one was gay. I don’t know why he still asked me upstairs to “Make jello”. Really wish I went, just to see what he meant.

In terms of flirting, I was about as experienced as a Napoleon Dyanmite.

Case in point:

I went on a crusie with my girlfriends in the Bahamas. One night at a show, we noticed a bunch of guys waving at us to come and join them.

Some older black ladies yelled out “You girls be careful now!” followed by “Wish I was that young again!”

One guy started chatting me up and made a comment about how I could be a model.

I retorted with “What are you talking about??? No I cannot! Have you seen a runway show? Models are like 6 feet tall! I’m at most 5 foot 0…Sure Shakira is 4’11, and Kate Moss is tiny, but these odds are not in my favour! And Shakira was technically a singer…”

The rant went on for 5 minutes before I realized hmmm…perhaps that was not a sincere comment but rather what they call “a line” …Interesting, interesting…

Of course by then he was flirting with another girl.

Luckily under the tutelage of Helen, I know by now to just smile, nod and say “Why Thank you!”. Cue eyelash-batting and light shoulder brushing.

With new found powers come new found…boys boys boys!

Boy I’ve never seen so many single and eligle men under one starry (and slight polluted) sky! Most of the expat men come here unattached. Which make sense because if you have a family, you cannot uproot so easily. Even those in relationships, usually become single after a few months. Read on and you’ll see why.

It was literally like I’m a deprived kid being thrown into a candy stores. Except instead of Hershey’s Kisses it was filled with guys.

And you bet I got fat!

Boat guy was just the start of it. We hung out (partied) together a few times. He was sweet, but way too young for me and eventually it just fizzled out. Don’t worry, neither of us lost any sleep over it.

Once I realized the possibilities out there, I lost interest in John as well. He was nice, but things started to annoy me about him.

How did I end it?

One night he came over to hang out. I said I was busy.

Another time, he asked me to brunch. I said I had plans.

Then I started to ignore his texts and calls.

Then I started to avoid him altogether outside of work.

He got the message eventually.

I never said I was great at confrontations…

Luckily, we didn’t let any of it affect our professional relationship, and for that I’m extremely grateful for him.

So who am I?

I know that I’m not Charlotte. I definitely didn’t want to settle down and have kids, as demonstrated with my ex. Will I ever want to get married? I didn’t know.

Carrie annoyed me, so I hope I’m not her!

I guess I indentified the most of Miranda before, but how do I know that I’m not actually a Samantha???A strong confident woman that defied stereotypes, she answered to no one but herself!

Yeah why not! I could maybe possibly be a Samantha!

Just maybe.

PS: I apologize for all the TV references, but being a TV addict I’m going to keep making them. Today’s reference was to Sex and the City. Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Chapter 17- Fat kid at a candy store

  1. Ok you need to now be my Helen! Except I can’t be you and hold them with witty conversation. So you will need to supply that as well…..


  2. Two similar situation. 1) late bloomer (I discovered boys at 18 though , you’re just too much!) 😀 2)That “you can be a model” situation. Finally after reading some self motivation junk, I realized that some women really have difficulty in accepting a compliment. So, these days I have practiced “thank you” instead of saying “Are you blind?” 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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