Chapter 22- A “Suits” Party


“So Princess Kathleen, you haven’t talked about your love life in awhile! I’m just dying to read about your dalliances with the next Tom, Dick or Harry! —Sincerely, Your #1 fan.”

This is what I imagine all of you must be thinking.

Sorry, I’ve been so enamored with my new Friends (capitalized for effect) that I forgot about boys for awhile!

Back in Canada, the most common complaint I hear is that “the good ones are either taken or gay”. This is not the case in Shanghai. I mean some are gay for sure, but they are still single and ready to mingle. Plus “Single” is a very loosely defined term these days.

Take Helen for example, she’s dating Carlos but still exploring her options.

“In Brazil, they ask ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ but Americans don’t do that!” She’d complain “Noooo, Americans like to date casually and non-exclusively!”

“True” I’d say. Not that I really know about the subject.

“Carlos hasn’t asked me to be his girlfriend. I guess we can see other people? So there’s this guy…” She’d launch into yet another story about some random guy she met at some random party.

I’m not condemning her or anything. “Random” is the word of Shanghai, like “Sex” is the word of Rome. (See Eat Pray Love).

I had to navigate through a few randoms myself. There was the Chinese guy that came on too strong (Please don’t buy the tickets before I even agree to the date). There was that French guy who got really offended after I forgot who he was the next day. (It was new years! The kiss meant nothing!). Most fizzled out so fast, it’s not even worth mentioning.

So when I got invited to a Lawyer Party, I jumped at the chance. So did Helen.

It wasn’t technically called a Lawyer Party. It was just thrown by some lawyers, who invited a bunch of their friends, whom may or may not be lawyers also.

God I hope they all look like the men from Suits…

What! I don't only like Asians...
See? I like guys of other races too…

So we got all gussied up and trekked across town trying to find this fancy lawyer’s pad. But boy, apartments complexes in Shanghai can be such a maze! We asked several security guards, but still weren’t sure.

“Is this the right building?”

“I don’t know. Should we just go knock on 2401 and see?”

A guy overheard us and said “Are you girls looking for Wes and Johan’s party?”

“Yes!” We said simultaneously.

“I’m going there too, come on in.” He held the elevator door open for us.

We got in and thanked him profusely. Oh and the guy was Asian, so I noticed he was kinda cute.

“Thanks again for the help! I’m Kathy by the way, and this is Helen.”

“Jun.” He said, except he pronounced it as Young.

Once at the party however, we got separated by a sea of people.

Shanghai house parties were always full of 3 types of guests:

  1. People invited by the host
  2. People invited by friends of host
  3. People who heard about the party from someone who heard about the party

This time I fall under category number 2, but I have been all 3.

I found my friend who did invite me, and after some catching up, started to mingle on my own.

House parties are the best for meeting people, because there’s always someone new (see the 3 categories above). And you can easily escape a conversation if someone is boring you. “Oh my friend Mary is calling me over!” *wave at non-existent person through crowd*.

After 5? 6? glasses of Pinor Grigio (always white at parties, because red gives you wine teeth!), I started talking to this tall Asian guy who worked at Samsung.

I don’t recall when Jun made his way over, but at one point I noticed the two of them trying to one-up each other in conversation. That’s when I realized “Hey, both of these guys are both flirting with me!”

No me. I can only wish to be a sassy black chick.
No me. I can only wish to be a sassy black chick.

Jun won in the end, as he skillfully monopolized my attention, and managed to exclude the other guy completely. At this point, I still wasn’t sure if he was interested in me, or if the conversation was just too good. Then I felt a hand on the small of my back. Hmm…I have definitely seen this move on TV before!!!

I have no idea what we talked about the whole night. Probably obscure topics like Lunch vs Brunch.

Eventually we had to leave, as people separated to either go clubbing or go home. We both chose the latter and joked about being old farts. But of course not before exchanging WeChat, Whatsapp, Line, etc.

Once I got home, I received a message from him that said:

“Hey Brunch Lover, I know an excellent place in JingAn. Are you free next weekend?”

Smooth…very smooth…


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