Chapter 46- Second Date Hanky Panky

Movie…which means dark room…which means *gasp*…Hanky Panky!

Yes, I’m also a 60 year old trapped in a 16 year old’s body.

So when Johan brought up watching a movie at his place, I hesitated. Sure, we already kissed, but that was at a party and I was tipsy.

I guess this was technically our second date. First date: Started at his place, later made out. Second date: lunch, and omg-is-he-gonna-hold-my-hand-now?

Lord, dating is so complicated these days! Kinda made me wish I WAS 60 year-old. What did courtship consist of back in the days? Horse carriage rides followed by asking the parent’s permission for marriage?

“Sure sure…Just take her before her eggs dry up!!!” Is what I imagine my dad would say…


Meanwhile back in the 21st century, I sat there mulling over whether to go back to his place after lunch.

“No no I can’t, I have plans with Julien later.” I told Johan.

“What time is that at?” He asked.

“Seven. What time is it now?”

“Two.” He showed me on his phone.


He sensed my unease and said “It’s completely up to you. But you’re welcome to stay at my place until then.  Where else would you go? Back to Pudong?”

Damn you Johan! You got impeccable logic! IMPECCABLE!

I continued debating silently in my head.

“Do you wanna get dessert and think about it?” He offered.

Damn you Johan! You found my weak spot! I can never turn down dessert! NEVER!

So we had dessert at a Taiwanese place nearby.


“What time is it now?” I asked him again.

“2:30pm.” He responded.

Ugh…Still so many hours left…. “Ok, let’s go watch Jobs at your place.”

His sister was not home this time, so it was just the two of us.

He put in the DVD and we started watching with the occasional commentary; mostly about Ashton Kutcher’s acting. Johan did the classic, “stretch and put arm around girl” move. And I nervously wondered if he’s gonna try to kiss me next…


After about 1.5 hours into the movie.

‘Why has he not kissed me yet?!?!’ I thought to myself anxiously. It’s like waiting for the other shoe to drop. You know it’s gonna! And you can’t sleep until it does…

‘And this movie sucks! All I see is Kelso!!! KELSO!!!’ I ranted on in my head.


I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, and he shifted his arm around. Presumably to get the blooding flowing again after I leaned on it for the past hour.

“Too heavy? Am I making your arm numb?” I asked, embarrassed.

“No… you’re light as a butterfly.” He said as he swooped in and kissed me.

Bam. Shoe dropped.



We proceeded to make out for rest of the movie. I’m guessing Steve made the iPhone and got rich. The end.

“Shit, what time is it?” I finally interrupted our make-out session.

“It’s still early.” He tried to re-engage.

“I’m suppose pick up my jacket from Jasper’s place before dinner!” I got off the couch to check the time.


“I left it at the party last Saturday.” I responded, assuming that everyone knew about my scatterbrain tendencies when intoxicated.

“Ok, I gotta go!” I started to gather my stuff, “Btw, you’re welcome to join us for dinner. We’re going to a British restaurant.”

“Thanks, but I think I’ll pass this time.” He got up and walked me to the door.

“You sure? Fish and Chips!” I tried to tempt him.

“Yeah, I’m not a big fan of group dinners. I just feel…trapped.” He pointed to himself. “It’s an introvert thing.”

I didn’t have time for details, so I said my goodbye and left.

I rushed to Jasper’s, hoping to leave right after, but he trapped me in conversation. It was his last day here, so I didn’t want to be rude and just skedaddle.

“The 3 years in Shanghai made me realize who I am…” He sat down on the couch and indicated for me to sit as well.

Oh no…this could take awhile.

“One day, I looked in the mirror and wasn’t sure I liked what I saw.” He continued.

“I felt the same way at one point! Then what happened?” I was actually interested.

He confided in me his inner struggles while in Shanghai. When a friend accused him of being a typical Shanghai ABC scumbag at the Boat party, he decided to reevaluate his lifestyle. Eventually he gained clarity of what he wants in life, and decided to move back home. He also said the reason he got upset at the Boat party was because him and his girlfriend was going through a rough time, but eventually broke up amicably.

We talked for over an hour, bonding over similar experiences and feelings.

“This was a great talk! I wish we did this earlier!” He looked relieved after all the confessions.

“Yeah, sorry we didn’t talk much at your party. But I’m glad we had this chance to catch up before you leave.” I told him.

“Oh, you had fun alright…” He smirked.

“What do you mean?” I was confused.

“I saw you making out with that dinosaur guy!”

“How did you see that???” I thought we were being discrete by being on the balcony.

“Honestly? I don’t think he’s good looking enough for you.” He said in a serious tone.

“Um…what?” I was so confused why he’s saying all this. Sounded like gossip… about me! To me!

“I think you’re really good looking. Like, really good looking. You should be with someone who’s also really good looking.” He went on, using “good-looking” a few more times.

“Um…thanks?” I didn’t know whether to be flattered.

“Oh, so my ex-girlfriend said I should date a teacher! Teachers are patient and kind…”


“Ok, I’ll keep an eye out for you.” I laughed and got up to leave.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 46- Second Date Hanky Panky

  1. PS. I am also a 60 year old, but not trapped in a 16 year old’s body 😛 more like just being a regular old grandma & my physical appearance matches that inner personality, white hairs and all! So at least you have the 16 year old’s body to disguise your inner grandma


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