Chapter 39- The One with the Asian Paolo

For most of my life, I’ve been a Goody-Two-Shoes-Not-By-Choice.

I blame it on my parents. They were so lenient with my upbringing, that I lacked all motivation to rebel. God knows the havoc I would have wrecked if only I was given a curfew.

I’ve always had epic scenarios in my head. In them, I’d be a chain-smoking, femme fatale. Livin’ life on the edge. Breakin’ rules. Kickin’ ass. However, growing up in one of the safest areas of town, in one of the nicest country in the world had given me little chance to get into trouble.

“Watch where you’re going Asshole!!!”

“Imma sooooo sorrrrrry my friend! What can a nice Canuck do for another? I know! How bout we go watch a hockey game together and I buy you a cuppa Timmy’s after?”

Hockey is probably the meanest thing in Canada.

Shanghai is different. Shanghai is not nice or wholesome. Here I can make all the bad decisions I want.

So when I met Jack (Aka my Asian Paolo), it was lust at first sight, for the first time.

Jack was Hasan’s friend, who was Julien’s Brotha from Anotha Motha. (Did I pull that off? Never do it again? Ok.)

I met him on the night he landed in Shanghai. Fresh and naïve to the ways to China.

He was the type I’m typical attracted to: ABC  (American or Canadian born Chinese), basically Asian but better groomed.

After a few flirtatious meetings, it was obvious to everyone that the attraction was mutual.

One weekend, all of us went to a restaurant/bar/club called The Apartment. We stayed until 2am and I was ready to leave.

I decided to use the bathroom before I left, and the next thing I knew, he was in line behind me. The bathroom was unisex.

“Hey!” I felt awkward and tried to ignore the proximity “Where’s Hasan and everybody else?”

“Oh they all left.” He replied.

“What? He didn’t wait for you?”

“No, he wanted to leave us alone…” He looked like he had something on his mind.

“Oh why?” I pretended to be oblivious.

“Because” He hesitated a bit, then…

He kissed me.

Then some guy shouted “Get a room!!!

After a few seconds, girl (or guy) came out of the stalls, and I realized it was my turn in line. So I had to break off the kiss and use the washroom (Coz I’m a rule stickler.).

I went into the stall, and the next thing I knew, Jack had ran in with me.

“Oh my god!” I was shocked “Are we allowed…”

But before I finished my sentence, he started to kiss me again.

Yep, right there in the bathroom stall…

Omg, I’m such a rebel.

Remember that episode where Ross and Rachel first kissed? (Ok get used to it, I’m gonna quote Friends a lot now that it’s on Netflix)


There’s girls’ version.

Rachel- "first they were... they started on my waist. And then they slid up, and then they were in my hair."
Rachel- “first they were… they started on my waist. And then they slid up, and then they were in my hair.”

And there’s the guy’s version.

Here’s my girl’s version of what happened:

“He pinned me against the wall and started to kiss me. His hands cupped my face, and slowly worked it’s way down my back….At first I was a little shocked, but then I closed my eyes and just gave into it. I started to kiss back, and before you know it, my legs slid up his thigh and started to straddle…”

And here’s the guy’s version:

“We made out. It was hot.”

Anyway, we were in the stall for 5 minutes, before some girl started to bang on the door saying she really had to pee.

And yes, we just made out…Nothing more. I’m still too Goody-Two-Shoes for anything more in a public place. That was already too throw-caution-into-the-wind for me.

After we got kicked out, we sat outside and…talked. (I know you were hoping for something juicer.)

I soon realized that we had nothing in common. He’s so pretty, but so d…umm, anyway. But I still really wanted to…you know.

I said I wanted a relationship, but clearly this wasn’t going to be anything other than a physical relationship.

But then I thought… “I’ve been go boring my whole life. Couldn’t I just have like “Shanghai” fling? All fun and nothing attached?”

I deserve it after all those Saturdays of reading Harry Potter til 7am.


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