Chapter 1- I used to be an accountant.

Ha! Bet you didn’t expect that! You thought a story about Shanghai would be a lot more glamorous! Don’t worry, I get fired from my job.

Well, more like laid off.  This was back during the 2008 global financial crisis. Millions (millions? Billions?) of people lost their jobs, and it was all very sad.

But this is not a sad story. I got laid off from a job I hated and went away with a sweet-ass severance package. Well hate is a strong word. I disliked it because I had nothing to do (being in a recession and all) I spent my days walking about the office begging asking people for work. When there was none, my friend and I would take one hour coffee breaks at Tim Horton’s. Followed by a fro-yo break half an hour later. Frankly I’m surprised they didn’t lay me off sooner.

I probably could have found another accounting job, but I was young and determined not to stay in a job I hated. Hey, I’m single! I don’t got kids! I have the luxury of self exploration! I can be as fickle as I want and ain’t nobody can judge me.

Needless to say I took that sweet severance package and traveled the world!

Well, technically just China, but nonetheless.

That’s the year I first visited and fell in love with the great shiny Shanghai. I vowed that I would come back and live here one day.

Thus sparked my desire to find a job and one day move to China.

A little background story to my background story. I was born in China, and only came to Canada when I was 10. I worshipped and idealized my motherland, and thought that no other countries can measure up to the great People’s Republic of China. Hey China, if you ever need a spy, call me.

Long story short, I went into teaching because I knew I could get a teaching job in China no problem. Very noble of me I know.

I went in this profession with completely selfish reasons, which I openly admitted. I actually never expected to fall in love with teaching, but that is my life, everything happens when I least expect it. Yet, somehow it all works out way better than I can ever imagine!

I’m one lucky SOB…

This is not chicken soup for the soul, so I will not go into details with how I fell in love with my job and all the funny/awesome things my students do and say.

That’s a whole other book! A trilogy!

So then I applied and got into teacher’s college. Then I my met ex-boyfriend. Then I moved to China.

Oh, did you want to hear about the boyfriend story? Alright alright, I’ll tell you. Coz it’s pretty damn interesting.

He was actually my first boyfriend. Yep, I had my first relationship at the age of 22. What can I say except that I’m a late bloomer? Probably didn’t help that I had a lesbian haircut all throughout high school.

The reason that I met him is because my friend wanted to introduce him to my other friend (because they are both brown, but shhh). So she invited both of them to her birthday party to meet.

We met once before when I went to check him out for my friend (who shall now be known as Fegan), and then at the party he professed his love for me!

Well, more like we made out drunkenly because someone spiked the Sangria with all types of hard liquor. (Ok, that someone was me. But my intention was always to get OTHER people drunk.)

After the party, he was very persistent and we started going out.

Sorry Fegan!

Then I got this teaching job in Shanghai. And here we are, back to the beginning. Phew, thought we’d never get there!


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