Chapter 50- So…where is this relationship going?

Wechat is a messaging app, dating app and hookup app all in one.

Your mom will message you on it telling you to eat more, while commenting that you look a little bloated lately. You also use it to flirt with the guy you talked to for 2 seconds at a friend of a friend’s party. Because it’s perfectly normal to add random people on weChat.

In fact, they get insulted if you don’t.


Oh how I miss Wechat…

What was my point before the plug?

Joshua and I had maintained a steady flow of communications on Wechat after the movie. And it’s perfectly normal because it’s on Wechat.  I DID however, made sure to keep him at an arm’s length, since things were so good with Johan.

Come Thursday and I’m already counting down til I can see Johan again.

That Friday, I decided to go with a fuzzy peach sweater that said “cute but not trying too hard”.

Even though it takes WAAAAYYYY more effort to look effortless. Can I get an Amen Sisters????

I whistled to myself as I skipped to the bus stop.

Two hours later, I’ve arrived.

“How was your week?” I greeted him with a kiss “Anything interesting happened?”

“Not much…” He tilted his head to remember. “Oh! I did go to a friend’s launch party on Wednesday.”

“How was it?”

“Boring.” He made a face. “Although, a girl did hit on me.”

“Haha, what happened?” I wasn’t so much jealous as curious.

“Nothing.” He shrugged “Although, I suspect she was high on something.”

“It’s still flattering to be hit on.” I tried to be cool. “Even if she was a drug addict.”

“I flirted back initially.” He admitted. “But then I felt guilty.”

“What do you mean?”

“Normally, if a girl flirts with me, I’d flirt back.” He explained. “This time it felt like I was cheating on you.”

I wondered if we were gonna have the “relationship” talk for the first time!  We’ve never discussed our relationship status up til this point.

Ooooh! Maybe he was gonna ask me to be his girlfriend!

“Maybe it’s time we discussed our relationship status.” He stated.

“Sure!” I was nervous yet excited. “So…Where do you see this going?” I repeated what I learned on TV. *Cough*Friends*cough*

“Well.” He paused to decide on his choice of words “I, personally, am afraid of commitment.”

Yessssss!!!! Wait…Say what now?

“I have commitment issues.” He continued, seeing as I wasn’t saying anything. “So I would prefer to be non-exclusive.”

Commitment issues??? Is that a trendy thing to have these days? “I’m a vegan who only eat gluten free, fair trade, organic products. Oh… and I also have commitment issues. ”

“So let me get this straight.” I struggled to appear emotionless “Is there someone else?”

“No. There’s no one.”

“I don’t understand…” I dropped all attempt at being poker-faced “But you WANT to see other people?”

“No.” He responded matter of factly. “But I would like the option to.”

“So there IS someone you’re interested in!” I felt confused and frustrated and annoyed… and it showed.

“No. I’m not planning to date anyone else.” He clarified “I just want the option.”

“What the heck are you talking about?” I gave up trying to be cool completely.

“Do YOU want to be exclusive?” He asked.

“Uh pshhh” I snorted “No!!!”

“Ok, so I guess we’re in an open relationship.” He replied.

“Do you even know what that means?” I demanded, knowing that he was even more inexperienced than I was.

“I’m not too familiar with the dating terminologies.” He admitted.

“It means we can sleep with other people!”

For the next half hour, we went back and forth, discussing the definitions and varieties of relationship options available.

After an hour, we were both exhausted and more confused than before.

“Look, I don’t understand these labels.” He tried to explain “Bottom line: I want the option, but I don’t plan on dating anyone else. You can if you want to.”

“Maybe I will!” I retorted.

“That’s fine. Aren’t you dating other guys anyways?” He asked. “Like Joseph?”

“What? Joseph’s just a friend!”

“Ok.” He stood up and stretched. “Anyways, I’m hungry. I’ll go make dinner.”

Once he left the room, I sat there…fuming.

Am I good with our decision to be non-exclusive?


Wait. No! I’m outraged!

He should be fawning over me! Begging me to be his GF! Jasper said so!

And there’s Joshua. If anything, I should be reveling in this opportunity! I’ve never dated two guys at once. I should be adding to my repertoire for the sake of my future memoir.


I opened my phone to check Wechat, and what do you know? A message from Joshua.

“Wanna go biking tomorrow?”

You have impeccable timing Joshua, I thought as I hit reply:

“Sounds fun! What time?”


6 thoughts on “Chapter 50- So…where is this relationship going?

  1. AMEN Sister! Also… I still have WeChat on my phone, to keep in contact with my friends in China of course… Oh man, did I tell you that I use to live in China? I’m totally giving away information which is not so great for this whole “anonymous” blog thing. 😛

    boys are dumb.

    – J


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