Chapter 42- The Shanghai Love Experiement


Johan, Aka. The Asian Conan messaged me the very next day. He began with the information he promised about this internet startup event, which I feigned mild (very mild) interest in.

At the end of the message, he asked if I would like to get dinner sometimes and exchange more stories.

I looked at his message and about 50 things came to mind:

    1. Is he asking me out? OR is this another “Hanging out” situation? I never know with guys anymore.
      1. If it’s the former, see #2 below
      2. If it’s the latter, thanks pal, but I already have enough “guy friends” (Julien… Joseph Australia…)
    2. Let’s make the assumption that this is a date.
      1. I’m not sure he’s my type (Could the owl glasses BE any more nerdy???)
      2. Then again, “my type” (ie. Jack, Jun) has been proven to bore me to tears. “Oh no, I just got sand in my eyes! I’m not crying because this conversation is soul draining…”
    3. Also, I gave up dating! Remember?
      1. Then again, if I gave up, then I have nothing to lose.
      2. Worst come to worst, I have a funny anecdote to add to my upcoming memoir…
      3. What should I call my memoir? “Princess Kathleen’s Guide to Dating in Shanghai- You can give up the cookie anytime you want you’re your own woman so screw Steve Harvey why the hell is it called a cookie anyway…” OR is that too long?

After 2 hours of more or less the same conversation, I decided to give him a chance and just see what happens.

Shanghai is not real life. Shanghai is an experimental playground. This is the best place to learn by trial and error! Once I leave, it’ll all be a distant memory anyway…

So let’s put on our Mad Scientist goggles, and leave all preconceived notions and real life expectations behind.

That way, there’s no risk of getting hurt…

Experiment #1: “Yes, I would love to have dinner with you.”


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