Chapter 2- “I can’t believe you’re actually going to China!”

Dang, did I just give away the ending?

Yeah, I took the job, despite months and months of guilt tripping from my boyfriend. Hmm, it’s already the second chapter; let’s give him a name to make things easier. He shall now be known as…Siddarth!

Ok, his name was actually Chris, so let’s call him Bob.

It wasn’t because he was selfish; Bob had been very supportive of my career up until this point. When I was a student teacher, he used to get up at 5am to make me lunch. He knew that otherwise I would just eat junk food at the school cafeteria.

I guess I’m just so awesome he didn’t want me to leave. Can you really blame him?

“What am I supposed to do here? There are no teaching jobs in Canada!” I’d argue with him for the hundredth time.

“I can support the both of us! You don’t need a job!” He’d argue back.

“Fine! Then I want an unlimited-all-expense-paid credit card to buy Louis Vuitton bags!”

I hate Louis Vuitton bags.

“Done.” He would say. I could never tell if he was joking or not. I had a feeling he wasn’t.

“C’mon. I’ll only be there for a year…” I promised him. “Once I get some teaching experience, I will come back here and find a job!”

He wanted us to get married asap and have multiple kids. I had more of a “Kids? Yuck!” philosophy. He tried hard to change my point of view but I was not just not ready to settle down.

So it came as no surprise that despite all his efforts, I eventually jetted off to Shanghai in a G5. Others might tell you it was the economy class of Air Canada, but I prefer my version better.


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