Chapter 6- Shoud I stay or should I go?

If I go there will be trouble

And if I stay there will be double

Whoo ohhh ohhhh

So we have reached the end of the first year. That was fast!

Admittedly, I did condense my story significantly. Because If you are anything like me, you have probably developed ADHD from the sudden influx of social media, and can no longer read past 600 words in one sitting.

By this point, I had to decide whether to renew my contract and stay in Shanghai for another year.

I hate making life changing decisions! I don’t even like deciding between desserts! I KNOW that I will be thinking of cake as I eat ice cream. Sure, the choice is easy when there’s ice cream cake on the menu…but how often do restaurants offer that???


“Free choice is overrated!” I whined to my friends over a mass email chain. Which I often send during times of crisis.

At the same time my other friend had to decide between two MBA programs. USA or France?  Me: Toronto or Shanghai?

Oh the woes of 20 something’s…  Our lives are so hard!

We tried asking the divine Magical 8-ball, flipping of a coin, cootie catchers, all the traditional decision making tools. Alas, no consensus was reached.

Finally, a good friend in HR sent us something she calls a decision matrix.

Here’s a sample:


Basically, you list out your choices. Brainstorm possible criteria. Then assign an importance to each criteria (1- somewhat important, 2- important, 3- most important). Total your scores, then voila! Your decision is made!

Ew math. Forget that.

Then after weeks of useless mental debate and stress eating, I gave in and decided to try out the matrix.

Career Potential (3) Cost of Living (2) Social Life (1) Total
Stay in Shanghai 8 10 0 😦 44
Return to Toronto 5 5 10 35

Well, guess I’m staying…


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