Chapter 9- New year, new peeps

First year flashed by like lightning. Working 24/7 had its advantages; you’re so in the flow you don’t feel the time go by.

Same thing goes with having fun. Before I knew it, summer was over and a new school year was about to begin.

New school year meant new coworkers.

Oh did I mention that 3 out 4 of the previous year’s staff quit? I’ll let you have a few minutes to do that calculation…

Correct! I’m the only returning teacher. You get a star!

The couple, who I love dearly and am still friends with, was not a fan of China. Mostly because they hated Chinese food I think. I don’t understand…what’s not to like? Stir-fry bullfrogs and deep fried scorpions? Some say it taste like French fries!


While I was saddened by their departure, I was relieved by Maria’s decision not to return. There was a period where she considered staying, steady income and all, but in the end she was just too frustrated by her lack of success in the romantic department. Unfortunately, the affair with the 50 year old married man was disrupted by his wife coming into the country. His daughter seemed ok with it, but somehow I don’t think the wife would have been too happy.

“Who will be my new coworkers??? I hope they are nice. Forget it, I just hope they are normal.” I thought as I sat waiting at the airport.

And introducing…the new peeps! Drumroll please…

Jenny- Early 20s. Brown/blondish hair. Mild mannered. Good, very normal. No psychopathic tendencies so far.

John- Short white guy. Early 30s. Seems nice, but who knows.

Leslie- French guy with a girl’s name. Smokes like a chimney and hates everything and everyone in the world. But that’s pretty normal for the French. So far so good.

Annie- She sure reminds me of Maria. Early 30s, from small town Canada, talks a lot and kind of abrasive. Seem to like alcohol a lot, that’s a plus. The only time I could stand Maria was when she drinks…Wait no, it’s when I WAS drinking…

Last year 50% of the staff were coupled.

This year, 100% are single.

We would also be living next to each other on the same floor.

Well, should be fun! I hope they like fried scorpions…


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