Chapter 40- Circus Freaks and Karaoke

A friend from Canada once told me about a “hot” dream she had.

“I woke up and had to open a window to cool down.” She started to fan herself as she spoke.

“So what happened in the dream???” Another friend eagerly probed for details.

“…So he came close to me, and then…” She paused to regain composure.

“He held my hand!” She clasped a hand to her mouth, “Omg I need air…”

This is a true story. This happened last year.

So if you think my bathroom make-out session was too tame, believe me, I’m already the Scandal Queen in my circle. This blog is for you, my fellow strait-lacers!

Still reeling from the make-out session so intense, that it’s like something out of a trashy Harlequin Romance; I started to fantasize about the idea of having a fling.

Since long term dating was not a possibility in Shanghai, I clearly have nothing to gain…but also nothing to lose. So wouldn’t it make sense to have some fun? I would be avoiding an otherwise inevitable midlife crisis, I reasoned.

So all I needed was an opportunity to see Jack again. Whatever happens from there…happens.

The following night, I join some friends at a newly opened club called Cirque Le Soir. All the while scheming in my head ways to meet Jack, who still did not have a phone. Plus this club was rumored to be very unique.



“How does he bend like that?!?” I was fascinated.

“Oh God…” my friend started to hyperventilate “I…hate…circus…freaks…”

“Why did you come then?” I asked unsympathetically while distracted by the fire eaters.

By the time I turned around, he had run out.

Helen and I reluctantly left the club to check on him. What a shame, the geisha was just about to pole dance.


“Such a stupid place…I don’t see what the big hype is!” he tried to act cool once we found him crouched in a fetal position on the sidewalk.

Clearly we weren’t going back in, so I messaged Julien about his plans.

“At House of Roosevelt now. Hasan is at a friend’s bday KTV. Might join them.” He texted back. (KTV=karaoke)

A light bulb went off in my head: Hasan’s there, so that means….Jack must be there too!

And I know someone who loves KTV more than anything else…

“Ohhhhhh Helen!” I casually mentioned to her about Julien’s KTV plans.

“OMG KTV! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!!!”

Good old reliable Helen…

I immediately texted Julien back. “Helen REALLY wants join KTV…But, wouldn’t it be rude if we crashed a bday?” I manipulated shamelessly.

“If it’s just you two, it should be ok.” He messaged back.

“Great! Let’s meet up now! ”

So I didn’t mention our other friend…2 more, 3 more, it’s all the same! Luckily he was still shaken up, and wasn’t in the mood for KTV anyway.

Helen and I met up with Julien at the corner of Cirque Le Soir.

“Alright let’s get a cab then!” I rushed; eager to see Jack again.

We started to walk towards a less crowded intersection. All of a sudden I hear Helen shrieking someone’s name.

“Mick! Mick!!!! Omg, it’s Mick!” She excitedly waved him over.

Omg it’s Mick…her longtime Shanghai crush. Grrrreat.

“Hey!” Mick walked over to us, and Helen immediately enveloped him in a big hug.

“We’re just heading to Cirque Le Soir” Mick said as he pointed to his companion “This is my friend Blah, by the way.”

His name wasn’t “Blah”, I was just too distraught to pay attention. I gave his friend a polite nod and hoped to end the conversation quickly.

“Don’t go, it sucks!” Helen protested “I know! Come with us to KTV instead!”

“What?!?!” I blurted out “I mean…I don’t think we can bring this many people.” I tried to mask my annoyance.

Julien, who also knew Mick, said “I guess…two more might be ok. Let’s go and see?”

I was hoping Mick would say no, but instead he said “Sure, we’ll come!”

While we paused to talk, a couple we met at the club saw us and started towards us as well.

Of all days to bump into people…

Then of course, Helen invited them too…

We ended up having to take two cabs. Julien went with the couple; Helen and I took a cab with Mick and his friend.

“Oh I forgot you two had a Canada connection!” Mick said as we got into the cab.

“Cool! Where?” his friend asked enthusiastically.

“Toronto. You?” I answered obligatorily.

“Edmonton.” He replied.


When we finally got there, the room was packed. After 10 minutes of me insisting that “it’s not too crowded!”, Julien finally said “Let’s just get our own room.”

Everyone followed him, and I had no choice but to as well.

I didn’t even get a chance to speak to Jack. He was too busy singing “Kumbaya” across the room.

After paying for our separate KTV room, Mick decided he was too tired now, and had to go home.

Damn you Mick!!!! Couldn’t you and your friend have left earlier???

To my surprise, rather than leaving together, his friend said:

“Hmm, I think I’ll stay.”


6 thoughts on “Chapter 40- Circus Freaks and Karaoke

  1. Ha, I remember when you told me about that “sex dream.” Tame as it is, I’d take it over my last sex dream… which involved actual sex but was the shittiest, most frustrating dream I’ve had in recent memory. I remember just lying there as the guy’s doing his thing and thinking to myself, “Why aren’t I getting off? He has no fucking idea what he’s doing. Ugh, he needs to get off me.” Terrible.


    1. Do you remember if I told you it was kissing or just hand holding? I forget…I think maybe it didn’t even involve kissing!
      Your dream sounded too realistic…I didn’t know sex can be bad in dreams too! Oy…


      1. I think you told me the dream only involved hand-holding. So I don’t know where the kissing came from…

        And yes, that was some truly atrocious sex, dream or otherwise. I kept waiting for the orgasm to hit me and NOTHING. Not even close. And this had all the makings of what should have been a great dream for me, considering there was a hot soccer player and oral involved, but nope. But even my few “good” sex dreams have been more bewildering than genuinely hot or pleasurable. Sigh.


  2. If it were yours I’d say “So Feegs had a sex dream…”
    And it wasn’t a Sex dream… it was a “Sex” dream…ie. that girl cray!
    When is that cray girl coming back from her cruise anyway? I miss her…


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