Year End Resolutions

New year resolutions never work because a whole year is just too much time. You procrastinate and procrastinate until you complete forget what your resolutions were in the first place. “I wanna Lose 5 pounds! Wait, how much did I weigh at the beginning of the year? Oh whatever…more eggnog please!”

Therefore I have decided to start the Year End Resolution (Ie. Do it before the year ends…clever, I know.).

Given that it is December 1st,  you have a month to complete whatever goal. Time pressure is the key to success! –Said some guy in some study.

The hard part is, you only have 30 days. The easy part is, you only have to do it for 30 days! So be as specific as possible! No wishy washy goals allowed! “Eat healthy” does not count!

The example that started this challenge:

In order to meet her dating quota of 1 date per year, Feegs is to go on at least ONE date before 2014 ends. (Ah, Mother Teresa strikes again. Inspiring young people everywhere)

At the end of the year, throw a party with your friends and everyone can showcase their results! Complete with PowerPoint presentations.

Sample goals to inspire you:

  •  Survive on $100 for food
  •  Wear lipstick everyday for a month
  •  Complement a stranger everyday
  •  Learn to juggle
  • Perfect 4 recipes in 4 weeks

Interested in taking up the challenge?

You have until Dec 31, 2014 11:59pm.

Now get to it!


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