About me


J suggested that I get a hobby besides binge watching The Mindy Project on Netflix.

Therefore, I decided to write the story of how I met him. Ha! Bet he’s regretting it now.

Hi, my name is Kathy Wong, and I am twenty-eight a twenty-something Chinese-Canadian. I am just your average Asian Jane who  studied (instead of partied) in school and gets carded at the LCBO. I am also an accountant-turned-teacher who spent the past few years teaching in China.

Shanghai is a city that changes faster than the speed of a bullet train, and it serves as the perfect backdrop to my one-woman show of self discovery. Here I chronicle my years as an expat in Shanghai. Along the way, I’ll share a few secrets of the expat community and the series of fortunate events that led me to J.

Think of this as a cross between How I Met your Mother and Sex and the City, except less sex and more Asian.


Princess Kathleen the Third

19 thoughts on “About me

  1. You’re a Canadian in Shanghai and I’m a Shanghai-ian in Canada. Sort of. Not really. Just wanted to say that. It’s not completely untrue. Anyway, this looks like a really fun blog from the snippets I’ve read. Can’t wait to read it! …That’s a lie. Nothing’s stopping me from reading it but I’m still not reading yet. I really do think it would make for a great read, but I’m also pretty sure I might not end up reading any of it. I’m weird. I’ve got problems. Sorry for dumping this comment here.


    1. Haha, it’s alright, I wrote this blog for my 3 girlfriends. I can’t imagine that it would appeal to anyone else, let alone guys. But always happy (and surprised) when anyone else reads and enjoys! Hope you’re enjoying Canada. This weather sucks. I miss Shanghai.


      1. Now I almost feel like I should read it and tell you how much I enjoy it lol. Oh man I can’t believe how cold it was today. It made me feel so old and frail.


  2. Its an amazing blog. Honestly, I started to read it, because Ive been to SH for a half year, and the next summer I will go back, and Im cravling for every information and experience what comes from expats in Shanghai. However, I find myself reading your posts regulalry, so please, do write more, and as a guy, I can say, your -sort of- lovestory is super cute:) Go on!:)

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