Chapter 70-Count down begins

“I thought about what you said.” Johan spoke over the phone while I browsed a grocery store for sales, a favourite pastime of mine.

“Mmhmm” I murmured absent-mindedly while trying to remember what I said, and whether Coke Zero was 5 cents cheaper at the other store.

“And you’re right.” He continued to speak while I fiddled with a tub of toothpaste, free cup with purchase.

Duh, I thought to myself, I usually am. So what about this time?

“You said that my priority should be to get into school.” He spoke as if reading my mind. “And that I should do everything I can to make that happen.”

“I am wise like Confucius.” I walked away from the toothpaste and congratulated myself for my remarkable self-restraint.

“So, I’m going back to Canada.”

Oooh, free sample of Nescafe. Wait… “WHAT?!?!” I yelled and the Nescafe girl jumped.

“Well, the only reason I wanted to stay in China it’s because it’s cheaper to live. But you were right, that should not be my priority right now.”

It was all coming back to me, and I started to remember saying those things. However at the time my intentions were not entirely selfless. I was trying to persuade him to come to Toronto so we can be together, but I didn’t think he’d actually listen. I could never manipulate persuade him to do anything!

“So you’re coming to Toronto?” My hands started to shake with excitement.



“I’m going back to Edmonton.” He said. “I can live with my parents, so it’s won’t quite be as expensive. I’ll get a part-time job, so I can take the classes I’m missing and still apply to school.”

Edmonton…That’s in Alberta…Ugh, it’s so far it might as well be China.

“Ok, that’s a good idea.” I started strolling down the cereal aisle, not quite as excited as before.

“And it’s only a two hour time difference instead of 12!” He was referring to our long distance arrangement.

“That’s true!” Something’s better than nothing, I thought. “And you’re increasing your likelihood of getting into U of T…”

“And we’ll be together again in no time…” He finished my sentence.

“We’re not even apart yet!” I laughed.

“One month left…” He sound deflated.

“Only?” I felt like we had lots of time left.

“Hey!” His voice got loud again, “Let’s take a trip somewhere!”

“Ok, come to Pudong.” I joked.

“No, I mean like Japan or something!”

“But you’ve been to Japan.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“What about Thailand?” I said, then realized he’s been there as well. “Singapore?”

Then I realized he’s been there too.

“Where haven’t you been???” I demanded.

“I’ve been everywhere in Asia, but this is not about me.”

“Indonesia? Malaysia?” I rambled on. “Dammit, you’ve been to all of those places!”

He sighed “I just want to spend time with you before we…”

“Ok, Ok…” I had to stop him before he made me cry into cereal boxes.

“But wait, Malaysia’s actually a good idea.” Johan contemplated. “I’ve been there, but very briefly.”

The MH370 incident was less than 2 months ago at the time, but I quickly brushed it aside. I was so eager I wanted to go right then and there.

“Ok let’s go!!!” I shouted again. Some people are quick to anger, I’m quick to excite.

More people turned to stare but I did not care, because I was gonna spend a week with my baby on the beach, sipping coconuts, and not to mention the food.

“Mmmm…Malaysian Curry.”

“It’s gonna be a week of food, sun and fun.”

Yep, it was gonna be very low key. Nothing crazy at all…


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