Chapter 61- Reunited and it feels so good

Chinese New Year passed by pretty quickly. I was busy with family festivities, and Johan was finishing some last minute preparations for school applications. Oh yeah, did I mention that he’s a do goodder? He wanted to go back to school and get a Masters in Social Work.

We managed to squeeze in a phone call once in awhile, and it was always within earshot of my prying relatives. “Who ya talking to? Your BOYFRIEND???” My 10-year-old niece would scream out. Luckily they don’t understand much English.

We also WeChat messaged each other everyday.

“Listen to “Flapper Girl” by the Lumineers. I’m currently addicted to it.” Johan would share his most random thoughts.

“Omg, all of their songs are good! I downloaded their entire album after that song!” I would reply a day later.

Before I knew it, a month was up and I was back in Shanghai. And there’s one person that I couldn’t wait to see.

“Hey!” Johan called when I landed. “Got back ok?”

“Yep!” I answered excitedly.  I wish he could have picked me up from the airport, but Mr. Do-Goodder had to volunteer at the Crisis hotline. Fine…go help people.

“When do you want to meet up?” He asked.

“Well…it’s still early. When are you done your shift?” I hinted subtly at the fact that I want to meet up NOW!!!!!

“I’m almost done.” He replied.

“Ok! Come over!”

“Now…?” He sounded unsure. “To…PUDONG???”

I’ve asked him to my place before, but he always refused trekking all the way down to Pudong. Saying there’s nothing here anyway. I was almost ready to concede again, but reminded myself to be more assertive. Why was I always the one going out of my way? Why couldn’t he come to me this once? Relationship is a two way street.

“If you don’t want to see me, then fine.” I moped. Ok…slightly manipulative. Hey, I’m new at this!

“I do…it’s just…Pudong…” I could hear him grimace at the thought.

“Well, I really want you to come.” I decided to just be straightforward. It’s not exactly an unreasonable demand, I just got back and I was tired.

“Ok, Ok. I’ll cab there after.”

Ah, ask and you shall receive. I perked up again, and gave him the directions.

Half an hour later, I was picking Johah up at the gate.

“Hey” he greeted me with a kiss that made all the guards stare. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” I mumbled, suddenly shy at the sight of him.

“And your hair looks good.” He complimented me and my face turned into a tomato.

“Ok, ok. So tell me what you’ve been up to while I was away!” I changed the subject, not used to such flattery from him.

He told me about the schools he applied to. Mostly Canadian universities but one US school because they offered a double degree in social work and computer science.

“Most of the schools require that you have a Bachelor’s in Social Work, so I’m a bit worried about that. But hopefully I can write a killer essay and they’ll overlook my lack of experience.” He explained his plans to me.

“Why computer science though?” I asked.

“Something to supplement my income. Social work is not exactly a gold mine.”

“Very practical.” I praised, and slightly relieved.

What? I like stuff…

Of course as soon as we got inside, we stopped talking and started pawing at eachother.

Midway through our makeout session, he pulled away and cupped my face with his hands. He stared at me like he was trying to memorize every detail of my face. There was a soft expression on his face, and I wondered if he wanted to say something, but he just kept staring….and staring…

I wasn’t sure what he was looking for, and started to squirm under his gaze.

“Umm…” I felt awkward and finally had to break off our staring contest.

He continued staring for a few more seconds, then said solemnly “I missed you.” Without waiting for my reply, his lips was on mine again, and there was not much talking for rest of the evening.


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