Chapter 8- An ode to my parents

Before I go on with more juicy boy drama, let me just squeeze in a chapter for my mommy and daddy instead.

When I was 10, my parents and I left China for Wyoming. Yes, you heard right, Laramie Wyoming. Well known for Laramie cigarettes and Brokeback Mountain.


Long story short, we didn’t stay in the US, and drove for 3 whole days from Wyoming to Canada. (Ironically, my parents now live in Chicago. Again, whole other book.)

Ever since then, it’s been just the 3 of us. The 3 musketeers.

We had our ups and downs, but in the end, the two people I care about most in the world are my parents. As much as I hate answering phone calls, if my mom doesn’t call me for a few days my mind goes to the worst places.  Then I would call and yell at them “Why didn’t you call me Mother? Do you know how worried I was Young Lady???”

They were also the ones that convinced me to go to Shanghai in the first place. Nope, they are no typical Asian parents.

“It will be an excellent learning opportunity!” said my mother “You need to be exposed to a different world and gain some life experiences.”

Only later on did she admit to me how worried she was, and how much she prayed that I will overcome all the temptations that is Shanghai and come out the other side a better person.

Yes, she should have been worried.

My father on the other hand, like most fathers, doesn’t say much.

He’s the type of man that is extremely conscientious, hard working and values responsibility and stability beyond all else. When I got recruited  by a big 4 accounting firm, I’ve never seen him more happy.

When I told him that I might be laid off soon and will not fight it, he spent days trying to talk me into staying an accountant. He sent me daily job postings and got me interviews at his company.

Yet, when he realized how miserable I was and how much I wanted out, he wrote in an email “Don’t worry, just come home! I will be happy because you can finally spend time with us! We support you no matter what.”

Like, who says that???? White parents that’s who. They probably also frame their childrens’ crappy paintings. If I ever had a kid, I’d force him/her to become a doctor.

He was also the one that suggested teaching when I was lost and not sure what to do with my life.

Finally, when I got the job in China, him and my mom continued to support me. He liked my ex-boyfriend, and thought I was an idiot for breaking up with him (girl gossip with my mom), but he still supported me.

When I thought China was too hard, and wanted to come home, they listed all the reasons why I should stay just one more year.

“Yes it’s hard, but you still have so much to learn. This year you mastered the content. Next year you would master the craft of delivery. ”

Did I mention they were both teachers once?

In the end, they said the decision was mine, they would welcome me home with open arms. Again, what Asian parents says that???

As much as I thought it was the decision matrix, it was actually my parents that convinced me to stay one more year in Shanghai.

Just one more year though. No more than that.

I love you Mom and Dad.

And dear God, I hope you never read past this chapter.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 8- An ode to my parents

  1. Aww that was really sweet. I am sure they would be shocked yet proud of you nonetheless if they did read your blog. Ok so when’s the next chapter coming? DT people want to know. Yes, I have been passing your blog around….


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