Chapter 12- Kimchi! Soju! Bibimbap!

My new boyfriend

I’m sick of talking about boys all the time. Shall we take a break?

Speaking of breaks, in China, we get a weeklong break for National Day starting Oct 1. School barely started and we’re on holiday already! God Bless China!

The previous year I didn’t go anywhere. Hell no if I’m gonna let it go to waste again!

So guess where I went? Guess!

Yes, Korea! The country that gave birth to Gangnam Style.

I dreamed about going to Korea ever since my first Kdrama (Full House). The food! The shopping! The hot guys! I imagine they all have six packs and look like Rain.

The moment the last bell rang, I dashed out of class faster than you can say Income Statement. While waiting at the airport, I watched more Kdramas to brush up on my Korean, “Annyeonghaseyo” “Baboya?”, “Gyeolhon haja”.

Which means “Hello” “Are you stupid?” “Let’s get married” respectively.

Oh, did I mention that I was also meeting my good friend Feegs here? You probably remember her as the one that was originally meant to be set up with Bob. Until I stole him from under her that is!

Any who…When we spotted eachother at the airport, we ran like mad, arms flailing in the air until we collapsed into a warm embrace. Ok, I exaggerate. We walked toward each other and said “Sup.”

Before Korea, Feegs was volunteering at a nunnery taking care of underprivileged children in slums of the Philippines. Some call her “the Accountant with a heart of gold”. You can call her Mother Teresa.

Having been in the Philippines for half a year, Feegs was extra cautious.

“Thieves would slit your purse open with a knife there!” She told me with a crazed look in her eyes “But you’re lucky if it’s just money they steal!”

“Oh yeah? Well I got 3 cell phones stolen already in China!” I tried to one-up her. “But I’m just happy it wasn’t my kidneys.”

Some might call us paranoid, but the moral of the story is, Asia can be a dangerous place if you are not careful.

It was about midnight by the time we reached our stop. The streets were dark and empty by then.

As we exited the metro station, three girls approached us to ask for directions.

Instinctively, Feegs clutched onto her purse like it was a newborn baby. I tightened my grip on my suitcase and prepared to run like the wind. We exchanged suspicious looks as if to say “Are these girls trying to scam us? Or KILL us?”

Funny story. Turns out they were just tourists from Hong Kong staying at the same hostel as us. We became the best of friends and are still in touch to this day!

While China and Philippines made us extra fearful, Korea is a much safer and more civilized place. People were not thrilled when I tried to push and shove my way onto the metro. What? In China, you don’t push, you don’t get in!

So for the next 7 days, we toured museums, visited local villages and got real cultured!

*Pause for laughter*

Ok ok, we ate, drank and shopped til we dropped. We TALKED about going to museums if there was time left over, but there wasn’t. There were just that much food!


150388_10101385476535992_1580042659_n 199982_10101385472274532_1385720636_n (1) 224522_10101386893426532_1858960024_n 397267_10101385472439202_153844571_n 421339_10101383688998232_1886146339_n 482905_10101386893127132_920184300_n 539324_10101388151640062_840827829_n

So that was breakfast.

Some highlights and recommendations from our trip:

  • Koreans are the friendliest people on earth! Once we asked this ajumma (Aunty) for directions. She didn’t speak English but she chased down two guys and yelled at them until they helped us.
  • Girls there are always dressed to the T and guys are tall Asian Kens with amazing bone structure. They don’t make them like that in China…
  • Cannot go wrong with food. Just close your eyes, step into any restaurant and prepare to have the foodgasm of a lifetime! I still wake up drooling from dreams of Dakgalbi (Cheesy korea pasta thingy)
  • Dunkin Donuts have the best wifi
  • Cafes are full at all hours of the day. Therefore I conclude that Koreas are all rich and do not need to work.
  • When you think you’ve tried all the food, something delicious and fried appears on the street. Just remember to pace yourself like you would on a night of binge drinking.
  • Speaking of binge drinking. Yes, you want to try all the Yogurt Sojus, and yes that Rain-Look-a-Like keep buying you more drinks. Just remember that no friend wants to chase you down a hostel hallway at 2am, yelling “Put some clothes on!” (Sorry Feegs…)

Despite eating like a trucker, I actually lost weight while there. I hear Korea generally does that to people.  Probably due to all the walking from one food spot to the next.

All in all, seven days in Seoul were not nearly enough. We racked our brains for reasons “WHY any of our Korean friends would leave this place for Canada?!?!”. We came up with nothing. They just cray!

When it was time to leave, Feegs and I said our bittersweet goodbyes as tears rolled down our faces.

Nah, we fist bumped and said “Laterz”.

Laterz Korea! Don’t worry, Feegs is already plotting her way back here!


4 thoughts on “Chapter 12- Kimchi! Soju! Bibimbap!

    1. I’m haven’t seen a good one in years. Just today I researching for a new kdrama, but they all look terribleeee 😦
      They don’t make them like the old ones anymore. Coffee Prince, Kim Sam Soo, My Girl, etc.


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